Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Our children will become our debt/taxed slaves?

This is a quote from the fair tax proposal, “The Truth by Neal Bortz and Congressman John Linder, with Rob Woodall“: “By the year 2040, the entire federal revenue stream will be inefficient to pay just the interest on the federal debt”. About 130 million US citizens will be getting at least $300.00 from the government starting in May 2008, in hopes to stimulate our present economic system. This will be done by the approval of President Bush, US Congress and the Senate.

My question is who is going to pay for the stimulus package and the ever expanding deficit. In my opinion, this continuing problem will be put on our children’s, children’s backs. They will become deficit slaves to the never ending spiral deficit, which increases each and every year. By implementing the fair tax proposal HR25 and S1025, it will be able to slow down or stop this up coming disaster. As in the world of chess, our children should not be pawns by having to pay for past debt incurred.

AS informed citizens, we need to carefully examine the process that our present federal, state and local tax codes are in. It is time for us to make a stand and use our votes to perpetuate the fair tax proposal. If we don’t, the consequences of our actions will undermine our future generations’ opportunity to prosper.

Robert L. DeVore, Jr.
Candidate for U. S. Congress

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Conservative first

Dear Friends

My name is Robert DeVore Jr .I am a conservative candidate for U.S Congress in Louisville KY The time is now to focus on the issues we are facing and to do that we need to decide who will be the best at representing our conservative issues. Who will be the best candidate to serve in 3rd district? I believe in conservative values in the areas of goal setting, personal expectations, honesty, self worth and individual responsibility.

I do not have confidence in our government to follow through with our expectations. You and I should be able to make our own decisions in how we live our live‘s. Our government should not dictate any thing especially in the areas of choosing health care, Gun control and displaying family responsibly in the hands of our Government .Right now let’s tackle Social Security system We as American’s should be concerned with our social security system. It is time the Social Security System should be separated from the general Federal system and keep it out of the greedy politicians hands.
As American citizens you and I should be asking the release of several oil fields in our own back yard. Congress does not want to let go. The oil fields are tied up through red tape and dominated by regulations and stupid useless federal laws. We must utilize our natural resources to help lower the cost of living expenses. We are stewards of this world, we still keep the balance of nature and drill for oil.

If our fellow Americans are going have a bright future. We need to encourage individual achievement and personal responsibility and set high expectations on strong family empowerment. We need to raise/break the glass ceiling which is imposed by our government, Democratic controlled Congress, ACLU and liberal courts. God has given us the tools to be successful, but we do not use them.

I am asking your help in financing my campaign. I do not have large coppers of money or money in mason jars buried in my back yard. I have not had any book deals, or been a star in a big block buster movie. My dad was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth. I am asking for one dollar, four quarters and so on. The funds will assist me in paying campaign bills. You will be surprised if everyone would give just one dollar I will have enough money to finance my campaign. God can truly bless you and me. Please pass this email on. Please send one dollar to the address below.


Robert L DeVore Jr.

8131 Eagles Crest Court
Louisville Kentucky

May God Bless

Bob D

My Plat Form for U.S Congress 3rd district Louisville KY

English as Primary language :
a. communicate job expectations
b, work safety
c. internal job promotions
d. China competing globally
86% of American wants English as their primary language .In China most of the children are learning English, so they will be able to compete in business Globally. Technical communication systems is one of the areas China wants to compete with Taiwan. English should be the common denominator in communicating most common goals and high expectations in business . Most employees should be able to communicate clear, simple in the areas of reading ,writing and oral language, so he or she can utilize their skills to advance to the next level of job opportunities . If the immigrants or Americans for that matter cannot master those communications skills , then how will they be able to read instruction manuals, follow business expectations or read blue prints.

Social Security System :a. Most American’s are afraid the Social Security money will not be there when they retire . The average Joe thinks the retirement large egg nest with be empty and Social Security System bankrupt by 2040.Also government owes billions in IOU ’s to the Social Security System/ possibly other retirement funds they stuck their tentacles in and never talk about repaying it back. Then who will pay for our mistakes .Our children and great grand children will be chained link by link to our debt and could work to pay at least 20% of their pay checks to compensate for our lack of funding social security system. If we do not change the direction America is going and stop draining our social security system with useless entitlement programs that does not promote or strengthen the family . Otherwise; Our children could become debt slaves for the rest of their life’s. Part of the solution is to separate the Social Security System from federal budget. keep greedy politicians from touching it. Then let the Social Security System grow and mature. In the past century most American’s have been paying into the Social Security System then why isn’t Congress paying into the same System?

Over taxed Citizens
Congress needs to be accountable for what they are spending and the additional ear marks they added to the budget. The over all deficit has increase greatly and it is time revamp the whole legislative system focus on prudent spending. Tax system needs to be simplified.( Fair Tax system) Therefore; this system will only change the way taxes are collected but you and I will have more buying power and the government will have less control on who will be taxes are collected . The tax payers should be able to keep most of their money to invest into their own future instead of government scheming in trying to keep this out of control over taxed system in place. Our present congress is also focused on government empowerment verse individual empowerment. We should not let government control free market, business entrepreneurship . In turn; limiting our freedoms and opportunities and independence. Smaller more efficient government will lead us to brighter and challenging opportunities for the individuals who is striving to reach his and her personal goals in life.

Robert DeVoreJr.
Candidate for US Congress 3rd district.